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Embodied Patriarchy

Well woofuckinghoo!  The first time in forever that I have felt inspired, and I mean, like, really fucking inspired to write.  Thank Goddess!!!!  And you will never guess who it is that is inspiring me…yep, that dude who runs our country.  I don’t really like to say his name, though I appreciate that that is kinda silly.  Call me superstitious or…I don’t know.  I … Read More Embodied Patriarchy


Violence Against Women as Intergenerational Trauma

Hi all!  So nice to be posting here again – finally.  I have no idea why such stagnation, but my writing simply has not been flowing in a very cohesive manner, so I’ve not been posting.  I started out with such gumption and gung-ho.  What the hell happened?  Argh.  I loathe the stagnation that plagues me at times, but I try to just work … Read More Violence Against Women as Intergenerational Trauma

Pick It Apart

Social distancing has caused quite a change for me in my current profession (in case you missed my last post and just to catch you all up – I am a sex worker).  I’ve had to get a bit more creative on how I connect with people, as I certainly want to do my part in not contributing to the spread of any illness.  … Read More Pick It Apart

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